no drain no pain

Derived from a technology that has already proven itself in the marine sector for 40 years, the nitiFilter® is a best in class motor oil filter while limiting required drain to close to zero. While maintaining an optimal lubrication, it put downs ecological and economical costs. 

nitiFilter® is a permanent self-cleaning filter and doesn't required any heavy maintenance. Its lifetime is way higher than that of our vehicule, just install and forget. Hence your motor will always be up and running. By using our predictive diagnostic, you'll be able to detect most motor possible failure and would only have to drain it when its mandatory…seldom then, avoiding a big mess with waste oil.

Environmental Benefit

10x less motor oil

10x less CO2

UpTime Benefit 

Maintenance-free,  max reliability 
install & forget.

Economical Benefit

ROI in less than 4 drain

TCO is a third of std solution.